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The Bliss City or the site or information or multimedia contained therein is not meant for people who only collect maps and never ever use those maps or intend to travel. We in the Bliss City are not meant for curious onlookers or those who want to attach spirituality or Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr Devang H Dattani ji to their I or who want to show off spirituality or who are full of I I I I or who want to test or who wishthink they are enlightened and want to verify if people here are or not or who want to prove they are BETTER through childish talks or who want to tell to others it is your problem etc. If you want to play such childish mind games or repeat your own chains of slavery or addicted attachment disorders contact our spiritual kindergarten centers and start from there and come here once your being is real authentic and overflowing or when the identity of I and you is dissolved.

This site is Scientifically designed to filter out the watchers, the curious, the paranoids, the 'I' players, the brand-seekers etc. that is why, you don't see constructed blisscity pictures or videos or professional 'write-ups' or coveted 'advertisements' or 'promotions' or Devangji's pictures for "General Public"!

We here are meant only for those who have either stopped seeking or stopped travelling or collecting maps or who are really seeking or grasping or groping or travelling and are authentic. We are meant for those who want to be or are wise, blissful, happy, free, enlightened and at the end of suffering and who wish that for everybody. This place is for those rare bravesouls who are ready to let go the illusions and dissolve into the cosmic or nothingness or infinitive.

The Bliss city is and will be an esoteric secret place which will only be acessible for spiritually enlightened. At The Bliss city each moment is an infinite celebration of the infinitive singularity of life and death.

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Latest News

  • 10/10/2010 Permissions granted
    We have received permissions of city from all three governments. Currently D/∞ is in advanced stage of negotiations to declare the city/area as restrictive autonomous region since it doesn't belong to any one country now as a whole
  • 11/11/2011 Foundations Laid
    The unique city is christened as "The Bliss City" and its foundations were officially laid in the presence of 43000 noble enlightened people who would initially be part of the city in 2019
  • 21/12/2021 Autonomus Status
    TheBlissCity DDD aka The Spiritual City our wonderful technological and spiritual marvel has received full autonomous status.
  • 01/01/2024 Progress
    TheBlissCity DDD Phase III Construction Of Underground City Is In Progress. Satellite Jammers installed. TheBlissCity is completely hidden from all satellites now.
  • 01/01/2024 XMAS & New Year
    Celebration Of God Infinite 2024

We Are Social!

  • Only for residents of TheBlissCity DDD
  • You must have received your level of access userid and password as per your being from any of our center if you have been invited to attend any of our programs
  • However unlike any organization or system existing we are open to anybody and everybody. If you think you qualify out of the way to have access to us you are most welcome to contact us through contact us link describing you and why you want access to us without going through centers. We will do the needful for the really deserving
  • If you are enlightened through other than us means and want to be part of THEBLISSCITY DDD out of the way: Contact us, describing you and we will do the needful for the deserving
  • Latest design Structures of THEBLISSCITY DDD