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26900 acres (108.8 sq.Km/42 sq.mi) Spiritual City 26900 acres (108.8 sq.Km/42 sq.mi) City spanning 3 countries in Europe
The Bliss city is a technological, architectural, environmental and spiritual marvel. The spiritual BLISS CITY is as big as San Francisco in terms of area. A Singularity where Heaven Meets Earth, Sky meets the Waters, Fire meets the Space, Freedom meets Love, Truth meets Awareness, Light meets Wisdom and Bliss meets Emptiness. A Nirvana where there is ONE WORLD, ONE HUMANITY and only ONENESS. The Eden of the Gods. With the blessings of Infinite SriSriSri DDD / Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang H Dattani ji city is getting crafted with utmost care in total harmony with Nature. The Bliss city is a timeless spaceless singularity; a progenitor, of infinite creativity. For the first time in the history of whole earth Only Enlightened people will live in The Bliss city.Read More!
1008 Centers of Lotus 1008 Centers of Lotus spread over world
The ancient esoteric lotus rainbow lineage is now spread over whole world selecting best of humanity, lifting them to enlightenment and bringing alive the vision of one enlightened cosmos. The 1008 centers of lotus are spreading love, light, scientific spiritual knowledge, wisdom, bliss, compassion, awareness, clariovance and enlightenment to whole world while making spiritually enlightened superhumans who will reside in the bliss city to take the quantum leap to beyond enlightenment. Only the best of the best reach the centers in the top to down approach although our centers strive to help all beings at any level.Read More!
Miracles of Infinite Sri Sri Sri DDD / Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang H Dattani ji The Miracles of Infinite Sri Sri Sri DDD / Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang H Dattani ji
Infinite and Endless are the recorded proven miracles of Infinite Sri Sri Sri DDD / Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang H Dattani ji; his divinity and divine intervention: be it curing the incurable or terminally ill, raising the dead, controlling the nature, defying the physical laws, omnipresence, omniscience etc. and yet in the rare embodiment of modesty he laughs on this and asks not to spread rumours about his miracles.

He is recognized Genius since his childhood. He holds multiple engineering, doctorate, MBA, Doctor of Medicine and DSc degrees besides many honorary academic degrees. Yet he laughs at these degrees and tells they are mere futile labels.

He got enlightened at the age of 21 in a jungle full of pipals. At the age of 26 in the pine forests of Himalaya he went beyond enlightenment - From reality to beyond non-real and reality. Yet, he claims to be nothing and nobody. If you see a man walking on water or inside 3m high fire, asking you not to spread the rumour of what you saw, know for sure that is D or ∞ as we lovingly call him.Read More!

Who Are We

One World, One Humanity, One Enlightented wise blissful compassionate beings, And aware empty Super Consciousness beyond consciousness and enlightenment.

We are spiritual brain-children of Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang H Dattani ji / Infinite SriSriSri DDD. D/∞ is not at all in favor of publicity or organizations or trade of it. He says all organizations have become playground for power politics and money so we run an organization-less organization spanning whole world and yet nowhere!

We have no hierarchical/carrot/stick structures. We work based on a new revolutionary utopian management theory - which incorporates natural infinitive management and quantum chaos of microcosmos and macrocosmos - laid by D/∞. We come from overflowing giving bliss.

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Respect to all. Master of All
  • D is unique inheritor of various ancient lineages from all sects and religions making him a unique living legend 'Respect to all and Master of all'.
  • Even if you are an atheist you are fully compatible with us as D/∞ has recieved transmission of atheist lineage of charvaka too.
  • We stand with you where you are to take the Quantum leap of nowhere to nowhere
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What We Do

  • Quantum Leap of Total Cosmic Existence to Enlightenment
  • Evolution of Existence and Non-Existence to Beyond Enlightenment
  • Exordium of the Era of Truth, Awareness, Ecstasy, Bliss, Wisdom, Freedom, Mind of light, Compassion, Love and happiness
  • Epiphany, Kenosis, Satori, Baqua, Gnosis, Dao, Moksha, Mahasamadhi and MahapariNirvana
  • Transcendence of Consciousness to Super-Consciousnes to EMPTINESS
  • Social care and Charity
  • Transform Society to Real heaven here only
  • Strengthen weak elements of human chain
  • Dispel violence, hate, negativity etc.
  • Restore balance in Humanity and Cosmos
  • Build Miraculous Future By Sapience, Science, Technology and Spirituality
  • Research and Development of all fields
  • Conserve Earth, Enviornment and Ecology
  • Conserve and evolve Sacred Spiritual Energies
  • Build bridges between all sects, religion and branches of spirituality and atheism
  • Merge Science and Spirituality scientifically
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  • Town of Conservation

    Inspired from the design of green futuristic city, this infinity shape conservation town will be suspended in water like a foetus while touching sky and near all the fundamental elements. It will conserve everything that matters to this universe right from sacred energies, to esoteric lineages, to spirituality, to flora and fauna, to knowledge, to science, to technology, to arts, to humanities and to great minds.

  • Universities / Evolutionities

    Inspired from the design of self-sufficient green secure futuristic city, this pyramid shape town will be hub of all Universities / Evolutionities acting as a power house of knowledge, wisdom, research and development and bringing about the evolution of earth through futuristic Science, Technology, Medicine, Arts, Humanities, Spirituality and Sapience

  • The Great Star of East

    Inspired from an eco-friendly project this unique star shape town will act as hub for everything that is eastern. It will also house esoteric eastern mysticism headquarters. It will serve as a meeting point for merger of east to west. It will be place for spiritual enlightening, brain enlightening, heart enlightening, management enlightening, mind enlightening, thinktanks and invitees of the world

Latest News

  • 10/10/2010 Permissions granted
    We have received permissions of city from all three governments. Currently D/∞ is in advanced stage of negotiations to declare the city/area as restrictive autonomous region since it doesn't belong to any one country now as a whole
  • 11/11/2011 Foundations Laid
    The unique city is christened as "The Bliss City" and its foundations were officially laid in the presence of 43000 noble enlightened people who would initially be part of the city in 2019
  • 21/12/2021 Autonomus Status
    TheBlissCity DDD aka The Spiritual City our wonderful technological and spiritual marvel has received full autonomous status.
  • 01/01/2024 Progress
    TheBlissCity DDD Phase III Construction Of Underground City Is In Progress. Satellite Jammers installed. TheBlissCity is completely hidden from all satellites now.
  • 01/01/2024 XMAS & New Year
    Celebration Of God Infinite 2024

We Are Social!

  • Only for residents of TheBlissCity DDD
  • You must have received your level of access userid and password as per your being from any of our center if you have been invited to attend any of our programs
  • However unlike any organization or system existing we are open to anybody and everybody. If you think you qualify out of the way to have access to us you are most welcome to contact us through contact us link describing you and why you want access to us without going through centers. We will do the needful for the really deserving
  • If you are enlightened through other than us means and want to be part of THEBLISSCITY DDD out of the way: Contact us, describing you and we will do the needful for the deserving
  • Latest design Structures of THEBLISSCITY DDD